About Us


The  Aquadettes are an extraordinary group of senior women who perform  synchronized swimming routines. From Laguna Woods, California, these  women work year-round and train three times a week to put on an Annual  Water Show. The Aquadettes have appeared on TV in commercials, on CNN,  the Today Show, the NBC Nightly News, Inside Edition and others. They  have been in magazine and newspaper articles throughout the world, including a full-color article on aging in National Geographic Magazine.  The Aquadettes are the longest-running senior synchronized swimming team in the world, who are still in existence and amazing today!

The  Aquadettes love to perform and their annual show gives them a goal and  challenge!  But the purpose of the Aquadettes is to prevent isolation ... to encourage senior women to get off the couch, to not be alone, and to join a social group that stimulates your mind and moves your body!  The typical Aquadette loves the water, loves music, and the friendships; and most have no prior experience with synchronized swimming. Once they try it, they find they really can do it and they are thrilled to do something  they thought they could never do!  Many of the members deal with health issues, such as arthritis, joint replacements, osteoporosis, and serious back problems. They look forward  to coming because they find the water healing and pain-free in this non-gravity environment! The members have often used this exercise as part of their rehabilitation and recovery from everything from broken bones and heart surgery to brain surgery. They believe it not only improves the quality of their lives,  but are living proof that it extends their lives as well.

In 2019 they will be celebrating their 55th year.  Their 2019 Aqua Follies Water Show will be held  at Clubhouse 1 Pool 1 in Laguna Woods Village (24232 Calle Aragon).  It  is once again scheduled for 3 nights beginning Thursday, August 29th through Saturday, August 31st.  Each night is a 300-seat, 60-minute show and is open to the public for those who buy their tickets here online. The show features women ranging in age from their 50's to their late 80's, performing a rigorous swimming musical revue to an eclectic mix of music from popular hits to a patriotic finale; which is completely produced  by  these swimmers;  including  choreography,  music,  staging,  lighting  and  the  sewing  of  sparkling  costumes.  You  won't  want  to miss  it! It's like nothing  you've ever seen!  The cost of admission is $7.00.  The pool gates open at 7 pm and the show starts at 

  8 pm.   It's open seating,  so  come  early  and  bring  a  jacket  (it gets chilly). For group seating or more information,  please  call or text  (949)  246-6593 or call (949) 462-0810.

If you would like a DVD of this year's 2019 Aqua Follies Show, please call  or text (949) 246-6593 

 (available by Sept 30th - $5 each payable to The Aquadettes).